Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is the essence of everything that we do, our three philosophical principles are:​You are unique – we aim to make each child comfortable with their identity. In the whole world there will never be another you.

You are unique; you are special. It's OK to have freckles, be tall or short, have big ears or nose, different coloured skin or hair. We keep reinforcing to little children "you are very special."

The human body is magnificent – we show children the magnificence of the human body – its sensory, circulatory and digestive systems, showing how the body functions and what its needs are – food, oxygen and water. We illustrate how the earth provides these needs and teach how we should protect our internal and external environments.

​We need to support and respect each other – because of the delicate and complex nature of life itself, we need to support and respect each other and every other person, regardless of sex, race, religion or beliefs.

Our History

Life Education was founded in New Zealand by Trevor Grice.

Born in Christchurch, he was just five when his father was killed in a freak dynamite accident. His mother worked hard to support seven children, but eventually became very sick. Trevor suffered from malnutrition and was admitted to an orphanage at the age of 10. He missed a great deal of schooling because of illness.

Trevor Grice
Founder of Life Education NZ