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Life Education Counties Manukau is a charitable trust that delivers a flexible health programme to children in preschool, primary and intermediate schools, fitting in closely with the Ministry of Education’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum and also the Science Curriculum. Each session is delivered using multi-sensory teaching techniques to accommodate all learning styles and help with retention of knowledge.

Our five Learning Strands are Food and Nutrition, Human Biology, Relationships & Communities, Identity & Resilience and Substances.

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What we offer schools

• Experienced, registered teachers who have undergone additional training for this specialist role
• A flexible resource that supports teachers in delivering the health curriculum to their children
• A unique and engaging learning environment - our mobile classrooms come to your school
• A quality, highly motivating and engaging programme that is flexible to the individual needs of the school and children
• Professional development opportunities for teaching staff
• A community based resource that reflects the needs of your community

Quotes from Research NZ from schools we have taught at in 2018

• As a school we would look at the Life Ed module as part of an inquiry unit rather than a stand-alone. e.g. with our Be Prepared unit. To ensure follow up, links, relevance and connections.
• Engages children in a non-classroom environment - students love the trailer and all the gadgets. Educators are friendly and approachable and work really hard to remembers my students' names, which they appreciate.
• Having Harold is a huge hook for students. Being in a caravan rather than a classroom with its magical lights and colourful displays is a wonder in itself for students. Having a workbook full of relevant and engaging activities is a bonus.
• Lessons are engaging, specific to the various class groups, aligns up with our curriculum and the key messages come through strong. Great teaching format and wonderful follow up resources. Love it!

• Positive approach towards ALL people
• Positive relationships with our students in the caravan and with the staff.
• The delivery of the programme in the caravan - students were wowed by the displays/ the lighting effects and also the activities that were done. Kudos to the Life Educator who delivered the programme. The students connected with her straight away and were wanting to learn more. Her approach with the students was inviting and she had all the students engaged.
• The information supplied by Life Education does not come from the teacher so the children tend to find it more interesting and listen better, thereby retaining information more easliy.
• This was the best anti bullying message I have ever seen targeted at 6 year olds. We talked about filling a person’s bucket with positive comments. My kids really got the idea. it was hands on and it led my teaching for several weeks afterwards and still helps me discuss lunchtime incidents with my children.

Booking Process

Here are the steps involved in a Life Education school visit.

Contact the Life Education educator for your area to arrange or confirm a booking with them.

The national Life Education Trust Website has an overview of the programme that we offer ( Schools are invited to choose from a menu of Inquiry Questions, filtering Strands and Curriculum Levels during this process, selecting what best fits their needs. Life Education recommends you consider choosing a strand to teach across the whole school.

Phone or email our Educator and arrange a time for them to visit with your school representative or at a staff meeting.

Our Educator can attend your staff meeting to discuss strand, learning modules and resources, and to set the timetable for their visit to your school. The Educator will complete and send through relevant planning, including any pre-or post visit ideas for your classes. Please discuss details of where you would like the Mobile Classroom to be parked whilst in your school, with the Life Education Educator.

Your Class Teachers carry out the pre-visit teaching, in preparation for the Life Education visit.

Life Education and Harold visit your school! Take home workbooks are distributed at the end of the lesson.

Your teachers and/or school Principal carry out a post-visit evaluation.

To make a booking or inquire about having Harold / Life Education Trust visit your school, please fill out our contact form below or contact us via email or phone!